Club Run Hinze Dam 16th June 2013

Event: Hinze Dam


What a great day out, everyone enjoyed the run and the weather was exceptional, nothing but blue skies as seen in the photos below.

The run started out with a meet up at Yatala Pies, the usual suspects were in attendance those being Kevin, Heather, Loui, Rosa, Jason and Bill. Whilst waiting for departure time, a few members got talking to interested parties about there cars and what had been done to them and talked them through the cars. This is great exposure for the club and I would like to thank Bill and Loui for showing these people there cars.

Departure time arrived and we set off down the highway towards the coast and off to Hinze Dam, along the way we had to make an emergency stop as someones coil had stopped working, other members in the convoy were woken by a huge backfire and a billow of smoke from the exhaust. After a quick coil change over we set off without further incidents.

Upon arrival at Hinze Dam, we pulled up and had the whole picnic ground to ourselves, it was quiet pleasent and very quiet. We had morning tea at the bottom of the dam and then set off to look around the top of the dam as it has undergone some work. Most of the members had not been there since the wall had been raised and were quiet surprised about the facilities at the top. As it was still too early to head off to lunch, we all took a brisk walk along the wall, Heather and Rosa took off on a longer walk and walked across the entire dam wall. I think we all worked up an appetite for lunch.

After our walks we once again set off for lunch, we took the back roads to Coomera Lodge taking in the scenery along the way. Bill departed ways and the remainder of us headed off to lunch.

The Coomera lodge was fairly busy so there was a wait on our food, however we were not dissapointed with the value of the meals that were served. Everyone enjoying there lunches. By this time it was now getting late in the afternoon and everyone set off home.

All in all it was a great run, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all the club members who attended. Photos below from the run.