DAY 3 Tuesday 16th April – Railway Workshop Museum

ALL ABOARD! Off to the Raliway Workshop Museum.

There was no designated meet up point for our day at the Railway Workshop Museum. So all cars started assembling out the front of the Museum, prior to the gates opening for the public. Once there was about 15 or so cars, the management of the museum let us all in and we parked in a designated area so that all our cars could be on display for the public to see. There was a nice backdrop and all the cars were sorted and arranged so that all the various models could be seen.

After setting up the cars, a group photo of all participants was organised and taken. Bill Martin gave a brief run down on the events. Once addressed everyone took there time checking out all aspects of the museum before the morning tea was served.

The Railway workshop offered a tour of the working workshop, were the art of working with steel could be seen. Most people went on the tour before lunch was served. Lunch was served in the conference room of the cafe, a little cramped and confined but it did have a great atmosphere.

After lunch people, a few people took the remaining tours.

Overhead the skies started to turn really dark, there was a nice storm approaching to cool everyone off. Most people decided to make tracks before on the onset of the storm as there was expected hail. All in all was a great day out at the museum with lots to see.

No hail eventuated, however there was a decent down pour of rain that hit just before dinner and continued through out the night.

A nice evening meal was had at Swifts, and raffles continued that night. Kevin Haynes addressed the crowd and asked if everyone was enjoying the event, the crowd errupted with a big ‘YES’. Bill Martin informed us of the events for tomorrow which would be a nice country side run of approximately 100 miles.