DAY 5 Thursday 18th April – Run to Gatton and Amberley Air Museum

Another early morning start, as we headed off to Gatton/Walloon/Amberley. The usual crowd assembled at the meeting point for our last big drive of the National Touring Event. Bill addressed the crowd with todays events and we all set off.

We headed out around peak hour, and the convoy of cars was split due to all the traffic. All of us eventually got out onto the Warrego Highway where we all travelled in smaller convoys to Gatton. Just before the Gatton turn off we all regrouped so that no one would get lost in Gatton and could arrive at the Queensland Transport Museum all at the same time.

Upon arrival at the Queensland transport museum, we all took a tour of the museum and checked out there display of trucks and other transport related artifacts whilst waiting for morning tea. Everyone enjoyed there nice morning tea of scones, jam and cream.

We quickly set off again as time was getting away from us, heading for Walloon Saloon for lunch. We diverted from the Map supplied in the program and took a scenic drive via back roads through Laidley, Grandchester and Rosewood.

Arriving at Walloon, all cars assembled in the car park opposite the Saloon. We had a quick lunch of finger foods as we had to be at Amberely Air base on time. Leaving Wallon we had to arrange all the cars in order of the numbers given at the begining of the rally. Once arranged, we travelled convoy to Amberley Air base.

At Amberley Air base, we were greeted by Squadron Leader Clayton Wilson who welcomed us onto the base. We parked the cars and proceeded to the Air base museum. The Volunteers gave a brief run down on the museum and what was there, and let us tour the museum. A few cars assembled in front of the Caribou that was on display and photos were taken. After an hour and half at the museum we all made our way back to Ipswich to freshen up for the Presentation dinner that night.