Club Run 30th September 2012

Event: Rosewood Steam Train and Museum Visit

Overview: It was an overcast day, to start out but the rain stayed away which made it a very enjoyable day. In attendance were Loui and Rosa, Kevin and Heather, Tom, Russell, Jason, Belinda with kids in tow. Bill managed to meet at the Pre meet point.

We were informed two weeks prior that the Steam Train would not be running due to track damage, the descision was made that the run was to go ahead. From the pre meet location to Rosewood was a lovely drive, upon arriving at the Rosewood Train Museum we could here the Steam Train and to our surpirse the train was actually going to run, however it was unable to shunt or pull a carriage.

The Conductor did inform us that they were going to run cabin rides on the steam train, all members were delighted and go to see the train going and also take a ride in the cabin with the driver and coal shoveller.

After taking the rides and looking around a few of us dediced to stop at Rosewood for lunch.

Below are some photos from the event.